Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Sweet & Spicy ..... Red Velvet vs Tom Yam

....15 minutes to 10.00pm and my eyes look like Garfield already. Quite hectic day today from morning outing to afternoon baking... by 6 pm - flat - melepek dah ...
hari ni menyiapkan tempahan Red Velvet Cupcake order dari adik Ana ( yang selalu order RV dari saya tu ... ) and i must say that i am FOREVER IN LOVE with RV - such a gorgeous color, sexy look and soft texture ... alluring ... :-)

My little kiddos love RV too but minus the cream cheese topping - they prefer it plain and i can't blame them cos' it is just as good as it is - the texture indeed like a velvet - very soft and moist and fragrance - yes .... ada bau wangi lemak2 cake ini ..

i caught my lil' girl eating the mini RV while watching TV ... she doesn't like the cream and i caught her wiped the cream cheese away .. adoiiiiii .... mahal tu

So, anybody wants to place order for these cupcakes - please do so & u're welcome :-). CONTACT me via SMS ( faster ) or EMAIL me at the address stated at the side ... Big TQ
MIN ORDER : 12 biji / pcs
CUP               : I use papercup liner no.9 ( medium )
PRICE            : RM32.00 for 12 biji

Ok ... back to my story - since i have baking to do today so i cook lunch something simple and fast for the kids ...
I cooked TOM YAM CHICKEN eat with HOT RICE or Rice Vermicelli/Bihun

Tom Yam Chicken
Goshhhh.. i cannot hold on any longer - m too sleepy now - actually not feeling very well tooo - cough, so -
good nite for now ...

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Cupcake Hantaran Fondant