Monday, October 18, 2010

the pictures...

RAVISHING RED VELVET CAKE... my first time baking this cake - not so successful cos i used smaller cake pan than required and the result ... as u can see frm the pic ..;-) - will try to make again...for sure!! hmmm...the taste not so bad though...

this is COCONUT JELLY - my kids just loved it ...

and this is my cousin brother birthday cake - CARROT CAKE ... simple only.

Double Brownies - Hantaran
this is actually DOUBLE BROWNIES - where i designed on top with fondant flowers ... my first attempt also for my sister's engagement 'hantaran' or gift to the man's side
Cupcake Hantaran
and this is BUTTER CHEESE CUPCAKES as 'hantaran' also

it has been soooo longggg

my oh my .... it has been more than 2 months i have not posted anything here ... well, fasting month ... then Eidul Fitri .... baby sister engagement ... then ...son's exam ... and the list go on and on and on .... excuses ...?? errrr..... ya lorrrr ...hhahahhaha :-D
so many things happened in between and i am not that kind of person who like to write everything in a book ... i have all kept inside my memory box ... easy .. things i want to forget - it'll delete by itself, things i want to remember or recall - it'll appear somehow..

Cupcake Hantaran Fondant

Cupcake Hantaran Fondant