Monday, May 31, 2010

my version of asam pedas ikan pari

kekadang aku heran gak dgn anak-anak ni...kejap dorang suka masak asam pedas ikan pari ni - kejap bila masak lagi - tak abis pun dimakan. so i'm kompius kejap ... anyway, it's a balance dish - ada masam manis masinnya...kan..?

rasa kecikkk...eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee..

adoiii...rasa keciknya bila melawat blog-blog kawan atas kawan.... they are pro!! yang kita ni baru nak merangkak rangkak kat dalam blog sendiri.. whatever it is ... i am so proud of women's of malaysia especially yang kaki memasak ni.. aku pun kira kaki malas memasak tapi kalau dah dapat duk dapur ... it's my heaven...

the thing is .. we are not competing anything here ya ... we are here to express our passion for food, our passion of decorating the food... and most important of all - the passion of sharing ... sharing the same interest, sharing the technics of cooking and baking and decorating so on so forth...

i am just glad - i have found the community that i fell in love with ... very exciting and interesting community. Nevertheless, i am still learning - learning the new things every day - day in, day out..

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Chocolate Coated Biscuits

yang ini biskut bersalut cokelat dgn inti pelbagai ... chocolate coated biscuits with assorted filling.
the fillings are like raisins, almond nib/nut, peanut butter - these are the flavor of filling available at the moment..

RM0.50 sebiji

very quiet sunday

i guess everybody's mood is in the drain...(am i being harsh wt this word...errrr....??) today. Perhaps long weekend and no outside activities...duhhh.... well, later today (in the late afternoon) i'll start something in my kitchen .. thought of baking some cakes and cookies.. the same time i am updating my other blog link - rinscollections. yesterday - saturday, i've sold the two pairs lady's shoes and a Alan Deloin handbag to a new fren - Pn. Fazilah, she is teacher... thanks again cikgu:-)

i'll be having my own collections of kiddos dress specific in baju kurung... i know every year myself having a problem to buy KIDDOS BAJU KURUNG for, this year i will have my own collection especially home-made tailor for busy mothers out there for their kiddos...
i used very nice cotton fabric and very very sweet and beautiful flower designs.... i knw u all gonna love them...

just give a couple of days for me to upload the photos at my collection link ... DONT FORGET to visit there as well ya...:-)

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Public Holiday - but mom's never holiday..

today...Friday 28, May 2010... public holiday in Perak - Wesak Day.. so, i had the chance to wake up late. as i woke up, the kiddos all glued to the tv already with empty stomach i suppose. so, straight away i went to the kitchen starts cooking - i cooked nasi goreng flavored ikan bilis...fried some chicken tempura nuggets to go along with the nasi goreng..

later in the afternoon, i baked some apple muffins - my second time attempt - recipe courtesy frm one of my blogger fren - WATIE.. i like her blog - she alwaz paste the recipes of all the dishes or cakes or cuppies that she had tried.. so i follow too .. tried the new recipes..:-)

marble cheese cuppies

Yang ini adalah Marble Choc Cheese Cupcake ( memang sedap sangat...)
Paperliner bersaiz 'S'
Packing dalam bekas/casing flat cover - RM2.00/biji
Packing dalam simple plastik RM1.80/biji

Min order 12 biji

** utk bekas special - harga mengikut bekas 

chocolate strawberry mini cake ep. 2

this is my new product - can make as door gift ... simple but it's delicious though ... chocolate strawberry mini cake

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

chocolate strawberry mini cake ep. 1

as i typed this dairy...the time is 9.29pm, wednesday 26, May 2010. i was informed via sms by my sister anis to make some choc strawberry mini cake ( for sale) for her collegues. i have some mini cakes to bake for my elder dotter as well - for her school friends ... and i am still here - yawning....half sleepy .. i dunno.. a bit tired and quiet today .. perhaps the weather not so friendly ... but heyyyy...who's us to question HIM, huh..? just say ALHAMDULILLAH...and smile...
hmmm... i better get my butt up and head to the kitchen - my little heaven ... to start baking some cakes... till then ... auarrrggghhhhh...continue yawning...adehhhh


i found this special looking shell egg among the eggs i bought recently. Just so happened i wanted to take few eggs for baking .. my eyes caught this strange egg. Then i started observed closely the egg and SUBHANALLAH..MASYALLAH.. It has an arabic written very much clearly the NAME OF "ALLAH"... what more can i say ... i say no word to anyone - only after 2 days, i told my husband of the finding...:-)

My New PC

well...finally my laptop made his way....and die forever..(sob..sob..sob..) after almost 3 years in custody...hmm.. i have new pc now - thanks so much to my beloved sister anis .. she's the guidance angel, alwaz there for my needs and i know one day i'll repay her ++
so, i have new PC now with wider screen - well still not used to it but i'll thru' ... i have quite no of pictures to post here - it's only a matter of time and laziness level...hahahahaha

Wednesday, May 19, 2010


i have to make correction here ... after attended 'Kelas Biskut Raya oleh Chef Zubaidah...i must say dat... baking cookies is not dat difficult after all if u know the techiques and the right ingredients to make the biscuits or cookies nice anda crunchy... so, the homemade ferrero rocher was my first product i tried.... very easy and very fast to prepare... infact, my dotter's frens at school liked it .....

Sunday, May 16, 2010

What a day....! made a record today

phewwww.... what a day today (16.5.2010)... i prepared - i baked 8 cakes; 4 marble cheese cake and 4 chocolate cake and also 100 cuppies..!! it is a record for someone very new in this bznz..!!! i had to thank my dearest friend for so long - SHIMA (only recently sambung balik siratulrahim di facebook...jumpa di facebook!!) who ordered 5 cakes (3choc cake and 2 marble cheese) for her dotters to take to school for their teachers in conjunction with Teacher's Day Celebration... the cuppies were ordered by my youngest sister - cikgu Aliza to take to her school for sale.... later i'll upload the photos ... now am just too tired to do ....

Saturday, May 15, 2010

New Goody pack on the blog

my new goody pack on the blog...:-) it is homemade ferrero rocher...hehehehe.
per pack of 3 pieces is RM1.50

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

My First Baking Class - Biskut Raya

as i promised earlier dat i will attend classes on baking cookies and cakes - well, last saturday on 8.5.10 i attended 'KELAS BISKUT RAYA BERSAMA CHEF ZUBAIDAH' bertempat di tingkat atas kedai Wah Seng... hmmm....not bad la jugak the class - full packed - made few new frens there - all very friendly. cuma tak da hands on baking ... semua chef buat - dia tunjukkan cara menyediakan dan membakar ... ada lebih kurang 10 jenis biskut ... and ranggup2 dan sedap juga ... and very de simple utk menyediakannya.
soon...i will attend the baking cake class .... :-)

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Door Gift - Marble Cheese Cake

my sister - cikgu aliza minta buatkan buah tangan untuk majlis perpisahan Guru Besar sekolahnya di Hotel Hillcity Ipoh on saturday, 8.5.10... tak sangka pulak rupanya dia nak mempromote bznz akaknya ni....alhamdulillah, good responds and feedback frm her frens yang dah merasa masa majlis berlansung...

per pack is RM5.00 - but ofcos i bagi discount to her..

Friday, May 7, 2010

Cakes - macam2 flavour ada....

my latest products .... last nite (6/5/10) masak...3 jenis sekali gus utk jualan (small scale) ...
hmmmm....tak larat nak ulas panjang2 - m toooooo tired rite now. jap lagi nak ngadap tepung and butter lagi utk tempahan adik pulak. ini adik yang lain - cikgu liza utk buah tangan jamuan perpisahan guru besarnya - kata dia...

Thursday, May 6, 2010

vanilla cupcakes with blueberry topping

dah jemu dengan chocolate cake for the kids - i buat vanilla cup cakes with blueberry topping pulak. simple jer .... with this, i bagi kat anak dara i bawa ke kawan2nya - well, they seemed to like it ... yummy though.....
these cupcakes i made for my elder dotter to take to school for
her frens...

laptop ohhh laptop

i had problem with my laptop laaa - alwaz auto off buat i naik gila, sedap2 update blog - it went off without warning...adehhh. tu sebab ambil masa nak update blog nih... cabaran tuh... kena banyak sabar nak berniaga nih...
hmm...let me see, yesterday (5/5) i buat biskut for my fren to try to market at her outlet. u knw, buat biskut lagi memenatkan dari buat kek... biskut with the details and the thing is - it is small and a lot... so, the time spent and energy - doubled and sometime cud be
tripple... but when hariraya time - buat and jual biskut raya can give u handsome income/profits:-), dis year, i think i mungkin dapat order double frm previous years ... i dunno .. hopefully ... becos' now i have my own blog and stories ... perhaps lah... hehehehehe. (GAMBAR DI ATAS INI ADALAH BISKUT CORNFLAKES BADAM cuma RM18.00 satu bekas of 50 pieces/biji)
yang ini plak, BISKUT SARANG SEMUT. toppingnya buttercream and sprinkle on top with choco rice. kids love it! it is just RM18.00/50 pieces

Monday, May 3, 2010

Kerang berempah

ermmm.... teringin nak makan kerang bakar berempah (on sunday - cook for lunch) so - gatal tangan la mencuba memasaknya. main taruk je rempahnya like cili+bawang merah+bwg putih (semua ditumbuk halus) then masukkan lada hitam (ditumbuk juga)...then sedikit garam dan gula untuk pelengkap rasa....itu je resepi yang i bantai jer...hehehhehe


alhamdulillah.... ini namanya rezeki...
malam tadi selepas ke Parkson Grand Ipoh mengambil 'gift' berupa wangian terbaru Calvin Klein/ckfree {100ml/253.00} (suami mendapat hadiah 'gift voucher' dalam satu peraduan kelolaan Parkson Grand), kami sekeluarga ke TESCO Pengkalan pulak kerana aku nak beli barang dan bahan kelengkapan untuk memasak kek-kek nanti. kebetulan on the way nak balik, suami terjumpa kawan dia yang ada buka kedai di dalam Tesco yang menjual biskut-biskut dan kek-kek. berceritalah dorang agaknya ... maka suami perkenalkan aku pada isteri kwannya itu yang bernama ITA...cerita punya cerita, mereka memang sedang mencari sesiapa yang boleh supply biskut mikut, jadi rezeki i lah bila diminta supply 3 jenis biskut untuk jualan di kedai mereka...maka bermula episode aku menjadi pembekal biskut 'minor' - insyaAllah, harap2 ianya berkembang ....
malam tadi gak - baru baca mesej dari adik - si cikgu Anis, minta 2 biji marble cheese cake yang loyang bulat ukuran 6 inci diameter - shallow tin (that's my standard big of marble cheese cake - besar2 sangat takut nanti orang tak larat habis - maklum leer cheeseeeee.... setengah orang cepat muak memakannya but not ME - i memang hantu cheese...hehehe)

Saturday, May 1, 2010

marble cheese cakes - packed

ni marble cheese cake i baked in foil .. lagi senang rasanya... then i masukkan ke dalam bekas plastik/tupperware untuk jualan...

minum petang

since we had our lunch outside today (0105.2010) so i didn't cook lunch ... well, everybody seemed full. so...this evening i made 'cucur ikan bilis jagung' ... well, for resepi cucur yang nak dibubuh jagung ni seeloknya dilawan dengan udang kecil - rasanya akan lebih manis bila digoreng but since i dont have shrimps in my freezer - i used ikan bilis instead...

oh ya, my tips to make the cucur bawang or any cucur pun to taste ranggup diluar tapi lembut di dalam ... campurkan sedikit hmmm.... dua tiga senduk tepung kek dengan tepung gandum. insyaAllah cucur tepung kita ni akan rasa ranggup di luar tapi lembut di dalam... cuba tau. sebenarnya cara tak sengaja i dapat tip ni ... bila satu hari i kekurangan tepung gandum nak buat cucur udang ( we like cucur udang more) so i tengok tepung kek ada lagi so ... i campur lah sikit ... rupa-rupa, rasanya lagi sedapppppp...:-)

simple cup cakes

ini cupcakes i buat untuk kawan2 sekolah anak perempuan i .... the cake is chocolate and the frosting i'm using the butter frosting - chocolate flavour ... u know lah, kids just love chocolate so everything is about chocolate... in my baking of any chocolate flavour, i used VAN HOUTEN COCOA POWDER coz' i find it it's more fine and not so bitter even though it's a bit expensive but i go for quality in taste ... satisfaction.

Tak cukup masa & Door gift

ntahlah...kenapa masa sekarang ini tersangat cepat berlalunya. harini dah 1 mei 2010, hari buruh.... cuti umum. aktiviti pagi tadi - pergi ke pasar tani dan membeli barang keperluan apa yang patut. kira dah lama gak tak update blog - takda masa...! tu yang mukadimmah di atas menyentuh tentang tak cukup masa. sepanjang minggu ni - aktiviti dipenuhi dengan membuat kek dan cupcakes untuk jualan. alhamdulillah... habis dijual walaupun dalam kuantiti yang kecil tapi .... penatnya ... ya rabbi ..... kalaulah ada tempahan besar macamana lah agaknya ya..dah lah lone ranger je buatnya.. anyway, cabaran adalah ganjaran...:-)

Chocolate Moist sliced 
- topped with Choc sauce and almond nibs & choc rice
- RM2.00/biji

Cupcake Hantaran Fondant

Cupcake Hantaran Fondant