Monday, August 16, 2010

6th day of Ramadhan

alhamdulillah... we are already in 6th days of Ramadhan Al mubarak...syukur.:-)
nothing much happening just the normal routines except cepat .. i mean easily got tired..
the meals for break-fast also very simple but tasty .. so far, i have not visited any gerai Ramadhan yet ... have not bought any outside food yet for berbuka - all home cook...:-) puas hati - cepat licin je pinggan..:-D
insyaAllah...this weekend i start bake cookies for orders .. alhamdulillah - banyak juga order yang masuk .. harap2 dapat melakukannya - i'm lone ranger - no helper or whatsoever but i just hope and pray hard tht i can manage all...insyaAllah.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

I present to you .. the OLD and the NEW OVEN

the old and the new

the new
the old
Tak ada yang lama maka tak wujud yang baru .... mengorak selangkah dalam percaturan menjadi bidang masakan sebagai menjana pendapatan tapi yang lebih penting minat yang mendalam terhadapnya cuma kekadang masa membatas kemahuan dan keinginan ....

yang lama...telah banyak berjasa, dgnnya lah aku sampai di sini - masakan ku sampai kepada mereka - pendapatan terjana kerananya ...

yang baru... sudah mula mengorak langkah - sudah mula menabur jasa - sudah peka dengan suasana ...
gabungan lama dan baru .... bakal menggegar pasaran - mengejar permintaan - memenuhi impian ... INSYAALLAH ...:-D

It has been quite some time...

i have been absent here for quite some time ya .... not tht nothing to share or upload - it's just tht i was too occupied with my routines and extra my baking activities and orders ... i am moving in small scales but once the order came - i just need another pair of hands ... anybody..?? :-D
now, RAMADHAN AL MUBARAK just around the corner - pretty excited about it ... my resolution this time is to do the tarawikh prayer as often as possible ... and read the Holly AL-Quran as much as possible...
hmmm... i have already distributed samples of cookies to my sisters and friends and the responds were good - even i have few orders for this coming weekend and so is my cakes ... i need to bake at least 6 cakes for this Friday for my sister's friends ... and it's all MARBLE CHEESE CAKE ...:-) talk of the town ...
oh ya, recently i bought new oven :-) courtesy frm my beloved hubby - he's been very supportive and understanding .. infact he had ordered quite a number of cakes from me for his functions or activities tht he involved ... great huh ...? :-) i also bought another mixer for speedy preparation..

Cupcake Hantaran Fondant

Cupcake Hantaran Fondant