Monday, October 10, 2011

...Moody Monday & Home Budget reviewed

...why aaarr .... why aaaarrr... we alwaz got this feeling of Monday Blues..?  actually i was looking forward for the new week only this morning i discovered my astro has been put to inactive - very annoyingggg coz' i  just made the payment - called up the astro - checked for the matter & found out that i was short paid them ( dunno where i put the bill though ) - cleared the matter - & i took the opportunity to revise my astro progm package due to which i opposed to the tax impose - so, i managed to cut down my monthly bill by taking smaller package ( the most watched ) and cancelled the program that i hardly tune to or watch .... we should review back our necessities and needs .... cost of living is madness now - good food, good consumer products all has increased right before our eyes ... :-(

- so, anyway .. astro thing has put down my spirit a bit in the morning but i managed thru' out the day .. and you know what ... since our  cost of living has increased and all this price hike thing - (u will realize it slowly ... since our PM has presented 2012 Budget last Friday) i have decided to cut down our family entertainment too like eating outside or buy food from outside - outing ..stuff like that especially during the weekdays ... sometimes when i am not in mood of doing any cooking - i just buy outside food or go out and eat out... this time around i just cook even if it is a simple dish like fried nasi goreng or fried eggs ... the kids will just dig in ... :-) MOM'S COOK ALWAZ THE BEST - rite..

and also nowadays, when i do shopping for household supply - i don't buy junk food anymore - yup ... i skip that too - they are not healthy for our children ya ... when we are around we try our best to avoid the junk food but when they at school, u just can't and all u can do is to advise them n educate them slowly - patiently ...

talk too much already.... 

so, this afternoon ( petang ) i baked some potatoes wedges for our tit-bits... yup - homemade one ... check this out.

Cut about 5 potatoes into wedges
Season them with (my choice) salt & pepper,
Cayenne & Allspice & sprinkle some veg oil
..bake them in the oven until it's cooked
Kids loved them - only a bit HOT & SPICY ...

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Cupcake Hantaran Fondant

Cupcake Hantaran Fondant