Sunday, October 16, 2011

...back-dated story last entry was last Thursday ... about my mom's birthday cupcakes. i have to say the Banana Cupcake was a lil' bit 'too' sweet ... sedap tapi manis - i have to blame myself for not following my instinct over the recipe that i got from the internet... by the time i poured the sugar into the bowl with the  butter waiting - i knew the sugar was over the top but it was too late then ... this is the right Banana Cake recipe that i am looking for - i just need to just the sugar - cos' i am cutting down my sugar intake in everything ...:-)

so, on Friday - nothing much of the issue - very calm & quiet until at nite - came de' big issue which i dont want to discuss it here - just kept to myself and HIM... HE has drawn my life path way before i was born into this world - and i have to follow the path even though i am not knowing where it headed for ... i have HIM to guide me & HIM to hang on totally - not on other human being .... :-)

i remember now - on Friday, i cooked chicken curry with a bit of a twist ... i combined curry chicken paste and 'Rempah Nasi Bukhari by Faizah' ... hehehe... reason being my curry chicken paste was not enough for the whole chicken so quick thinking - i add 2 heaps tbsp of the Bukhari Rempah ( which i have in the kitc cabinet ) to the paste ... wallllaaaaa ... the curry turned just nice and yummy ..yummy .... till finger lickin' good..hehehehe ... i ate the curry gravy with some breads ..... mmmm

so, remember - if u short of anything in the kitchen - explore what u have in the kitchen - in the refregerator - to create new recipe or new taste to your dish ..... no harm at all ...!

earlier on,  i've mentioned that we ( me & siblings ) were going to celebrate my mon and my nephew birthday on Saturday ... and yes - we have and it was a blast nite ...:-)
*** check out - the story is in my next entry ***

the nite before, i baked 2 cakes - the MARBLE BUTTERVANILLA & TIRAMISU ;-) hihihi...
here is the tiramisu cup i made from the extra's ...

... i have not over the tiramisu just yet ..hahahahaha

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Cupcake Hantaran Fondant

Cupcake Hantaran Fondant