Sunday, December 25, 2011

... Mr Maher Zain

Assalamualaikum ...

... last nite had a wonderful time singing along with Maher Zain at his concert in Ipoh, Perak. Unfortunately, i didn't bring my camera and to make it worst my handphone battery was very low ... :-( so, can't take any snapshot of him in action ... sedeyyy.
... the crowd was superb, everybody sang along with him to the numbers that they know even though it was just the chorus .... ^__^  like me la ....
... the songs were from his 1st album - the best seller record .... InsyaAllah ..
... he was just stunning, very energetic, charming, handsome, a bit plum ( to me .. ) but when he wore BAJU MELAYU BIRU SATIN with SAMPING SONGKET & BERSONGKOK - my heart melted away ... so so so so cute ... really ( if only i captured the moment ) .... he sang the last song - FOR THE REST OF MY LIFE. :-)

Ehsan : Peraktoday
Perhaps, you can CLICK DI SINI for full coverage of his concert in Ipoh, Perak ... akak memang teruja sangat -                                             

earlier ....

these were the pass ticket for the concert - hurmmmm .... not even used or produced to enter the stadium - so what's the purpose of these passes??

... rezeki orang Perak bertemu MZ percuma - huhuhu ...

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