Thursday, September 15, 2011

Re-Name .... and my passion

... i don't know .. how many times i want to change my 'Brand' name ... from Dari Dapur Rin to Something Sweet to CitraRasa CakeCupcake .... and now what....?? I have not made up my mind yet ... i want the name to be something simple, memorable, meaningful and can be called "de Brand name" like .... Ariani, Hajaba, Saffiyah, Syahirah, Safi .... u know .. like islamic name that have meaning to it .... so, I've been thinking of ... 'SYAZA' - my lil' angel God sent last name .... SYAZA maknanya ( means) dalam Islam adalah keharuman/wangian ( or fragrance ).... well, close enough to what i've been doing now ... 'keharuman/kewangian' kek...cupcake...cookies .... hmmmmm .... hihihihi .... :-) ...... so, what it should be now .... SYAZA Homemade Cakes & Cookies  errrrmmmm... i think i like this one better ... SOMETHING SWEET @ SYAZA's   no no ..... didn't work that name either ... so, i just settled with SYAZA PETITE CAKECUPCAKE - ok kuttt.....? about Syaza Home Cafe' ...?? hehehehe..
( i dunno what i am doinggg...:-( )

i want to bring my homemade products to the next level, i mean to introduce my products to wider market - i know it is a bold thing to do for someone like me that have not much experience in this bznz - but i have passion and patience in cooking and baking and i love to treat people and see them happy .... yeah... its not that hard if u have the guts and willing to take the risks ... after all, i have had the first baby steps in this when i have sold about 75 containers of cookies for HARIRAYA AIDIL FITRI 2011 - it was a big thing to me and i was almost all alone doing the cookies with the extra help from my cousin - Amirah .... and my customers were among friends and families only ..! i have not opened the orders to big crowd as i was afraid i can't meet the demand .... insyaAllah - i will have the moment - de day .... :-)

i just quote here what were the comments i had with my friends ( @fb )about my cookies - Elia ( my good friend from KL - 1st time ordered the RAYA cookies from me - before that, she had ordered my cakes esp. cheesecake few times already )

  • Elia Mat Noor za...sidenny suka beno ngan koi coklat ade badam tu...sat je udah abis..sekali bawak sek 10 bijii..mmg takleh compare ngan kat kedai..kalo yg kedai mesti ade banyak lagi...
    Tuesday at 1:17pm ·  ·  1 person

  • Haniza Azlan Aku jugak x dpt merasa sgala aza punya kek biskut lg
    Tuesday at 1:23pm · 

  • Elia Mat Noor sedap ija..koi sarang semut tak ponah aku makan..tapi aza punya dia gebu n sedap....koi tat nenas si noli pon tak dan mengucap, sekejapa aje abis...
    Tuesday at 1:27pm · 

  • Aza Rin As ‎..:-) ELI, BISKUT badam salut cokelat tu mmg bebudak semua suka - ramai yg cakap sekali anak2 makan penuh tangan ... ngap2 sebiji2 - lelama abih ... macam citer anak yus pun sama .... takdan tunggu raya ... :-)
    Yesterday at 12:27am · 

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