Wednesday, May 26, 2010

chocolate strawberry mini cake ep. 1

as i typed this dairy...the time is 9.29pm, wednesday 26, May 2010. i was informed via sms by my sister anis to make some choc strawberry mini cake ( for sale) for her collegues. i have some mini cakes to bake for my elder dotter as well - for her school friends ... and i am still here - yawning....half sleepy .. i dunno.. a bit tired and quiet today .. perhaps the weather not so friendly ... but heyyyy...who's us to question HIM, huh..? just say ALHAMDULILLAH...and smile...
hmmm... i better get my butt up and head to the kitchen - my little heaven ... to start baking some cakes... till then ... auarrrggghhhhh...continue yawning...adehhhh

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Cupcake Hantaran Fondant