Saturday, May 29, 2010

Public Holiday - but mom's never holiday..

today...Friday 28, May 2010... public holiday in Perak - Wesak Day.. so, i had the chance to wake up late. as i woke up, the kiddos all glued to the tv already with empty stomach i suppose. so, straight away i went to the kitchen starts cooking - i cooked nasi goreng flavored ikan bilis...fried some chicken tempura nuggets to go along with the nasi goreng..

later in the afternoon, i baked some apple muffins - my second time attempt - recipe courtesy frm one of my blogger fren - WATIE.. i like her blog - she alwaz paste the recipes of all the dishes or cakes or cuppies that she had tried.. so i follow too .. tried the new recipes..:-)

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Cupcake Hantaran Fondant

Cupcake Hantaran Fondant