Thursday, May 6, 2010

laptop ohhh laptop

i had problem with my laptop laaa - alwaz auto off buat i naik gila, sedap2 update blog - it went off without warning...adehhh. tu sebab ambil masa nak update blog nih... cabaran tuh... kena banyak sabar nak berniaga nih...
hmm...let me see, yesterday (5/5) i buat biskut for my fren to try to market at her outlet. u knw, buat biskut lagi memenatkan dari buat kek... biskut with the details and the thing is - it is small and a lot... so, the time spent and energy - doubled and sometime cud be
tripple... but when hariraya time - buat and jual biskut raya can give u handsome income/profits:-), dis year, i think i mungkin dapat order double frm previous years ... i dunno .. hopefully ... becos' now i have my own blog and stories ... perhaps lah... hehehehehe. (GAMBAR DI ATAS INI ADALAH BISKUT CORNFLAKES BADAM cuma RM18.00 satu bekas of 50 pieces/biji)
yang ini plak, BISKUT SARANG SEMUT. toppingnya buttercream and sprinkle on top with choco rice. kids love it! it is just RM18.00/50 pieces

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Cupcake Hantaran Fondant