Friday, March 1, 2013

Lahat Datu bloody incident ...

Assalamualaikum ...

...chuppp - before i go on with the entry -  i am sadden by the incident in Lahat Datu Sabah this afternoon :-( it should not happened at the first place..!! What is going on ...?? Allahuakhbar ... enuff is enough... :-(

Moga Allah merahmati mereka-mereka yang terkorban *should refer to the one on our side...?* ... ( bila ajal anak2 Adam itu tiba .. tidak kira di mana, bagaimana dan siapa .. walau senano saat pun - ianya pasti terjadi juga )

...if u wish to read further ... click here - Lahad Datu: Two police commandos dead, four others injured

Photo: Visit us at 

 ... sometimes it is hard not to bother or take note or concern about things surround us esp. such news ... i really wish whatever commotions that happen in our country, will be over and better be ASAP ....

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