Wednesday, January 19, 2011

...something different than usual

well...hehehe...suspends, i just want to share my version of 'cucur ikan bilis' here and it is just ngam for typical malay (like me) for breakfast menu or teatime menu. What's special or different in the ingredient is the 'sweet corn' tht i add to the recipe. my father - esp.... love to eat cucur udang or ikan bilis, i remember, occasionally every evening or morning, mom will make for him or sometime my younger sister ... and it is so easy to prepare....

the ingredients : this is cucur ikan bilis (anchovies)
with sweet corns

...after frying


  1. My kids kalu makan cucur mcm ni yg sgt sedap pada kita, depa akan cabut kluar all the bawang2 and hijau and bendasing yg lain. Tinggal tepung jer. That's why I shred all the ingredients so they can't do that. Depa ni and the father memang orang Planet hahahaha, tak reti makan sgt.

    But I love cucur jagung, best!

  2. hahaha...we're in the same boat when comes to cucur ni ... anak2 rin pun abih semua dicabut kuar segala taugeh, kucai, bawang, even ikan bilis ke udang ke .. sedangkan itulah penyedap rasa.... i pun hantu cucur mucur ni..:-)


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Cupcake Hantaran Fondant