Friday, January 7, 2011's about time - CAKES n CUPPIES story

Well, it is about time i share my cakes and cuppies that i have made for feast or orders by friends. My first customer cum my good friend is Shima and ever since she has been promoting my cakes i.e. ( best at that time - my first time baked for outsiders) is MARBLE CHEESE CAKE. This marble cheese cake is not 100% cream cheese cake but it is a 50-50 combination of cake batter and cream cheese. i got this recipe from the internet (but now i can't detect back the recipe online..) and it is a winner cake and it is never 'muak' when u eat and never stop eating it ...;-)

Marble Cheese Cake earlier stage, i sold this MCC to my sister's friends at her school and packed as u see above. Everybody loved it bcos it is not fully cheezy as most of us (malays) not fancy cheese cake so much unlike me - i crave for cheezy wheezy cake ..hehehehehe. So, this Marble Cheese Cake is different from the common cheese cake they had tried before. Since then, i have been producing MCC in different form of presentation/packaging as u can see at the side of my layouts - we had cuppies form, cake form, mini cake form ect...

Marble Cheese Cake (bake)
Coming back to my friend, Shima ... the first time she placed orders for this MCC, not 1 cake but 5 cakes...! (if i not mistaken) and alhamdulillah.. i managed to produce them on time and it's freshly baked.

mmm...yum yumm ... delish and mouth watering, indeed!

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Cupcake Hantaran Fondant