Wednesday, January 5, 2011

....m just too sad not too mad .....

;-( what a sour day to start with today ............ my "BFF - desktop computer" brokedown/jammed or rosak - i think it's the software ...thanks to my 4 little 'monkeys'!! i cudn't help myself crying over it cos' i need to use the computer so freakin' bad..!! ( i am at my parents house now to do my work ) i have to send the comp for repair and i dunno how long it will take to repair or to be more precise ... how much that repair or change software will cost me?! Don't these kids know how crucial it is for their mom to be online all the time?? ..aaaarrrgggghhhh ..(pardon me, i cudn't helped myself rite now) SABARRRRR je laaaaa

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