Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Qhaliff yang istimewa & Atkins Diet Menu

Assalamualaikum ...

...time check @2:25am, April 2, 2014 - special birthday wish - Happy Birthday Qhaliff Iman B. Salbani - 2 years ... You have no idea how famous your daddy have made you ...! Have not met this cute - adorable - cunning little boy in person but i/we have the opportunity to see him grow right in front of our eyes thru' his daddy's lens .... 
.... more on Qhaliff and his Daddy HERE
Credit : Ben Ashaari @ Uncle Google

... ok, come back to my usual story/pics sharing -

i'm on AD ... yesss .... well, i am struggling though to follow the diet - no carbs .... low carbs for 2 weeks ....? layan jer la selagi terdaya ...8__^ . It all started with Juli Erniwati who ordered OOPSIE BREAD for her AD menu... and it caught my interest to know further about this diet... well, i am on it now for 3 days already ... hunger strikes i tell you ... cos' still adjusting to the limited menus ... anyway, please use uncle google to know further about the Atkins Diet, k... but the result from the testimonial and living proof of my friend - Hashrin ... who has strictly follow the diet for 4 months - she has lost 21kg..!! .... superb...! out of this world i tell you...! so ... wish me luck ya ... *__^

 Oopsie Bread - Pandan & Vanilla

 Taufoo Telur Ayam KuGoreng

... to be continued - dah ngantuk tahap gaban ... time check @ 3:01 am

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