Friday, April 19, 2013

Politic Vs Cake

Assalamualaikum ...

... my point of views over current politics scenario never counts ... whom me? but i do have mind of my own of the situation -- got to tell the truth .. sucks..! i had this feeling of vomiting - green one... everytime i read updates at my fb, over televisions ... and nowadays .. i don't read newspapers at all ... wowwww ... that's really something huh ...??

... we just have to wait and see the results on the wee hour of 06.05.2013 ... tengok siapa yang kenaaaaa ....! ha ha ha ....

okay ... i rather share my cakes and cupcakes orders over the week .. ( for my eyes only ... and YOU too if you care ... hehehehehe ...)

1) Cotton Soft Japanese Cheese Cake
2) Chocolate Moist Cake
3) Carrot Cake Cream Cheese

*** snapshots from HP

- the rest of the pictures to be entered/posted on the next entry .... *__^

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Cupcake Hantaran Fondant

Cupcake Hantaran Fondant