Wednesday, March 2, 2011

...hmmm miss u.... (cake story as well...)

...errr...i miss my blog actually :-) it has been awhile i have not update any post was due to my bb caught into faulty. It could not detect any signal or any connection ... for the past few days i was downed by it. Nevertheless, i am okay now - i am back into bznz here again...

last weekend, my loyal customer cum good friend from school time ordered some cakes for 'makan-makan' with her family (she was in town for weekend at her parents house - she lives in KL). i was told by ana that her younger sister loves the red velvet cake so much ... so she asked me to bake some as cuppies for her ... before that she asked to bake her 2 types of cake that she has not tried yet ... so i suggested CHOCOLATE CHEESE CAKE and PEANUT BUTTER CAKE... anyway, her reviewed on Peanut Butter was ... "not to her taste" ..:-) i can understand tht ... cos' we were so used to the taste of ordinary cake like chocolate cake, butter cake, marble cake ... then, when come to new cake like this Peanut Butter cake - like our tekak cannot take it ... hehehehehe.. but i like the cake becos it's soft and moist and the peanut butter topping adds to the taste of the whole cake..but for some - it might be too heavy and peanuttery to them...:-) takpa la ....
anybody out there who wants to try the cake - do not hesitate to call me or sms me for the order ya...tq.
Okay guys, enjoy the photos...

Red Velvet cupcakes

Peanut Butter cake

Chocolate Cheese Cake

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Cupcake Hantaran Fondant

Cupcake Hantaran Fondant